Items for Sale

Items for Sale

A Note about Boat Donations: Processing the sale of vessels has become difficult for 501(c)3 charities. You are welcome to sell your boat and then donate the proceeds to our cause. Donations of Optimists, Lasers, FJs, or DaySailers will be considered. Acceptance of further donations is limited. Contact us at

No Boats are currently for sale

2022 Morro Bay Tidal Calendars

When’s the best time to hit the water?  Wonder no more!
Tides make a difference! Use our calendar to find the best day for the best fun on the water.

A quick glance at the Morro Bay Tidal Calendal will tell you the high and low tides and the strength of the current. If there’s a high peak with a low valley (big tidal change), the current will be running strong, to be prepared!

With beautiful, local scenery, these make great gifts for lovers of Morro Bay!

The calendar is $20, plus shipping. If you would like to pick up the calendar at the MBYC, you may waive the shipping fee, and ignore “ship to” fields in Paypal.


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